Grace Upon Grace Upon Grace

I've been on a grace kick lately - not a bad trait to focus on. I'm in this crazy (and unbelievably sweet!) season with two toddlers at home, and while some days I feel like I am going crazy in this land of tantrums, laundry piles, and peanut butter fingers, I know that these moments… Continue reading Grace Upon Grace Upon Grace


Conversations with Oma: An Alzheimer’s Story

Oma: Hello? Me: Hi Oma. It's Chelsea. Oma: Hi Chelsea. How are you? Did you have the baby already? Me: Yes, I did. Oma: Is it a boy or girl? Me: Well, I have a little boy and a little girl.  Oma: You have TWO? How old are they? Me: Isaac is almost three and… Continue reading Conversations with Oma: An Alzheimer’s Story


Resting in the Ordinary

Feeling CREATIVE today, and for a Monday morning that's a pretty rare thing! Life lately has been pretty routine (but not in a bad way). Aside from Julia's allergy attacks last week (any advice for a not-quite 1.5 year old with severe allergies is appreciated!), life has been quite ordinary & comfortable. This comfort and… Continue reading Resting in the Ordinary


For the Love of Bread

The family has all been struck down by a springtime cold. We're all grumpy, congested, and sleepy, so we are staying close to home today - watching movies & making bread from scratch. I have my "bread-making uniform" on - my husband's sweat pants, raccoon fuzzy socks, and an apron. 😉 This was my FIRST… Continue reading For the Love of Bread


A Gardener’s Retail Therapy

Yesterday was a rough day. My darling daughter grew three molars in a twelve hour period, my son was rambunctious as ever, no one napped, and I realized that my shirt was on inside out... at 6pm. By the time E got home, I needed OUT. I wanted to leave the house and go ANYWHERE… Continue reading A Gardener’s Retail Therapy


A Day in the Life

Ear infections, colds, and more snot than should be mentioned has wreaked havoc on us this week. I know things are bad when my almost-3-year-old doesn't want to do ANYTHING. Just sit. And cuddle. ❤ While I detest when my kids are sick, the "laying low" isn't so bad. We haven't left the house very… Continue reading A Day in the Life