Limbo Land

Patience is not my strongest characteristic. It never has been, and that's why (I assume) I am put in situations for my patience to grow on the daily. These moments of waiting to hear (the why, how, what, and when of any given situation) are hard for me. I like to call it Limbo Land.  Here… Continue reading Limbo Land


Grace Upon Grace Upon Grace

I've been on a grace kick lately - not a bad trait to focus on. I'm in this crazy (and unbelievably sweet!) season with two toddlers at home, and while some days I feel like I am going crazy in this land of tantrums, laundry piles, and peanut butter fingers, I know that these moments… Continue reading Grace Upon Grace Upon Grace


Conversations with Oma: An Alzheimer’s Story

Oma: Hello? Me: Hi Oma. It's Chelsea. Oma: Hi Chelsea. How are you? Did you have the baby already? Me: Yes, I did. Oma: Is it a boy or girl? Me: Well, I have a little boy and a little girl.  Oma: You have TWO? How old are they? Me: Isaac is almost three and… Continue reading Conversations with Oma: An Alzheimer’s Story


Resting in the Ordinary

Feeling CREATIVE today, and for a Monday morning that's a pretty rare thing! Life lately has been pretty routine (but not in a bad way). Aside from Julia's allergy attacks last week (any advice for a not-quite 1.5 year old with severe allergies is appreciated!), life has been quite ordinary & comfortable. This comfort and… Continue reading Resting in the Ordinary


For the Love of Bread

The family has all been struck down by a springtime cold. We're all grumpy, congested, and sleepy, so we are staying close to home today - watching movies & making bread from scratch. I have my "bread-making uniform" on - my husband's sweat pants, raccoon fuzzy socks, and an apron. 😉 This was my FIRST… Continue reading For the Love of Bread


A Gardener’s Retail Therapy

Yesterday was a rough day. My darling daughter grew three molars in a twelve hour period, my son was rambunctious as ever, no one napped, and I realized that my shirt was on inside out... at 6pm. By the time E got home, I needed OUT. I wanted to leave the house and go ANYWHERE… Continue reading A Gardener’s Retail Therapy