Fuzzy Socks and Cloudy Mornings

Ooooh, blogging world. It’s been awhile.

Life got a little crazy on us over here, which led me to spend most of my “me time” sleeping or binge watching “Stranger Things”. But here we are in NOVEMBER with all of the holidays right around the corner, and I am giddy with excitement.

Last year, the holidays were put on the back burner because I was uncomfortably pregnant, finishing up my full-time job, and moving all at the same time when BAM I had a baby a month early! Needless to say, we are taking full advantage of the holidays this year – I’ve even started playing Christmas music (… I know, I know) and wrapping gifts!

This year we’re doing Christmas a little different than years past. There will be less emphasis on gifts (a BIG step for me and my love language of gifts!) and more focus on family, starting traditions, and enjoying the season.

Obviously, we’ll still be getting gifts for our little loves, but we’re not going overboard. A few meaningful gifts is all we need. πŸ™‚

A little recap (in photos!) of our last holiday – Halloween! Isaac rocked his first “real” Trick or Treating experience, and Ethan had a blast holding his hand all night. ❀


A Saturday of Solitude (Kinda)

For the first time in… I actually don’t know how long, I spent the last two hours (basically) home alone. E took our son out for a “boys only” park trip and left me home alone with our sleeping princess. I was a little overwhelmed with all of the opportunities I had with time alone in a quiet house, so I made the most of it by fitting in ALL the activities.

First, I re-planted my garden. I technically planted last week, but we ended up leaving on a last-minute vacation so I re-planted today! I think I need to get a few gardening books from the library because I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong. Honestly, I don’t know how people with big gardens do it. Those seeds are so small and planting them was tedious work!

As you can see, my “balcony garden” isn’t the most pinterest-approved garden, but it works for us now (and our budget!). I’ll keep you updated on how the seeds do (hopefully we WILL see some kind of growth!).

My next activity (and probably my favorite) was taking a morning bath and reading a book I picked up yesterday. The book is adorable and witty – Lunch in Paris: A Love Story with Recipes. I’m only a few chapters in, but so far it is darling. I’m excited to try out some of the recipes too – yum.

Last, but certainly not least, is this little blog post. Any kind of writing for me is therapeutic, which is why I have a million journals that document my life consistently since 5th grade.

Here’s to quiet mornings, growing gardens, and books that make you smile. Happy weekend indeed. ❀

The Potager Prologue

Oh my goodness, you guys, I have discovered the beauty of potagers! They are unbelievably gorgeous!

Potager – a French grand kitchen garden that combines vegetables and ornamental plants.

If you’ve been following along with this little blog at all, you know that I am in the process of planting my first ever balcony garden (aka the prologue to my future potager!). I literally have NO idea what I am doing, but my heart longs for all things garden and beauty. So, my pots are filled and my seeds are soaking today! I am planting this evening! I’ll post a picture update this weekend. ❀

As for today, I will introduce you to the grandeur and beauty of potagers! Unfortunately, none of the pictures in this post are mine, but a girl can dream!

Thankfulness in EVERYTHING

Sometimes God has really clear paths and gifts in our lives. He provides “ah ha” moments and undeniable guidance. Other times it seems as though He is silent and letting us wade through the waters of uncertainty.

In both situations, He deserves the utmost praise. Constant gratitude. Unceasing thankfulness.

I feel like we are currently in the latter situation, which is OK. It is hard for me as a planner to trust the journey and try to focus only on the now, but that’s what I’m doing.

We’re about to sign our lease for another year in our condo, which was kind of a bittersweet decision. While I would LOVE to move out of this place into something with a backyard, no stairs, and less neighbors, I am thankful that I don’t need to pack a million boxes and deal with the stresses of moving right now. With all of the craziness going on in our country (hurricanes and fires), I am just so thankful to have a home that provides us shelter and safety.

Since we will be making this place our home for awhile longer, we are starting to add some “homey” factors. I want to spruce up the kids’ rooms a bit (we just got a beautiful FREE dresser that I painted for Julia’s room!) and get that balcony garden going so we can enjoy the bit of space that we have in the sunshine.

It’s still in the hundreds here *rolls eyes* but I can’t wait any longer! I am picking up pots and fertilizer today from my in-laws (thank you!). Prepare yourself for a lot of garden updates!

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18


The Screen-Free Sabbath

I walked through the mall this evening and noticed that the majority of people that I passed were glued to their phones. Not surprising in our society – I mean, I even passed two “charging stations” in the mall. Yikes. When did we become SO dependent on constant entertainment and visual stimulus? It can’t be good for us, and it definitely can’t be good for our babies.

I’ll admit to allowing more “screen time” for my kids than is probably good for them. I also admit to succumbing to the allure of the phone (social media is definitely my downfall), and Ethan is a big video gamer.

For the past few years, I have been telling Ethan that I want to do a weekly screen-free day, and it hasn’t happened. BUT we decided that it’s time and we will be doing our first one tomorrow. πŸ™‚ I think it is going to be really tough for us both – no phones, TV, or computer – but that makes me want to do it even more.

I want our kids to know how to entertain themselves without devices AND see their parents do the same.

I am hoping that this becomes a weekly tradition – a true Sabbath.

Sooooo what ARE we going to do?

  • Rest
  • Eat yummy food
  • Read
  • Craft
  • Get some of those chores done
  • Be Still
  • Spend time in the Word

Here’s to enjoying sacred time as a family without distraction and pursuing simplicity in our lives.

Easy Like a Sunday Morning

Over the past few months, early Sunday mornings have become “my time”. It is a time where I leave the house (giving my hubby a chance for some one-on-one time with the kiddos) and fill my cup for an hour or so before starting a new week. I’ve grown to really look forward to this time not only for myself, but for our family. It’s important that Isaac & Julia know that daddy is JUST as capable to take care of owies, tantrums, and block towers as mama is. Plus, I love to see what they’re doing when I get back home. Yesterday, they were having a dance party while watching “Happy Feet”. πŸ™‚

Usually, my Sunday morning consists of a Starbucks iced coffee and blueberry scone. #coffeeaddict Yesterday, I brought along a book and spent a half hour reading and sipping coffee. It was glorious.

I also swung by Lowes yesterday, which has recently become one of my favorite stores… pretty sure that means I’ve officially passed the threshold into adulthood! I looked mostly in the Garden Center, because I am FINALLY going to do the The Apartment Homestead that I have been dreaming about! It only took me like 2 years to get around to it! πŸ˜‰

I bought some seeds – carrot, spinach, oregano, basil, and green onion. I am giddy with excitement. Seriously, my husband is sick of hearing about seeds!

I am going to refurbish an old dresser into my gardening “plots”. Since we’re in a condo, I only have our balcony to work with so I am trying to be creative! I’ll be posting garden updates as I go, but I won’t be able to start for a few more weeks – until this heat gets under control. One of the benefits to living in Arizona – gardening in the fall!

Not a ton of pictures this week (due to teething and sickness), but this one is one for the book! ❀

Saturday vibes. πŸ’ž


The Naptime Chronicles

Calling all parents! What do you DO during naptime??

If I’m being totally honest, most of my naptimes are spent sleeping. Momin’ ain’t easy. But sometimes I let the creative juices flow and do something I love.

This week I have..

  • Decided on and started planning our urban garden. I’ve always wanted to garden, but we have always been in an apartment or condo. I’ve decided I’m done waiting and I am going to grow a balcony garden! I’ll be getting started on set-up and planting in the next few months. I am SO excited!
  • Picked a popular recipe (from A Bountiful Kitchen) and threw my apron on to bake up a yummy treat!
  • Finished The Vacationers by Emma Straub.

I’ve decided that I want to start utilizing my naptimes a little better. Even if it is just 1-2 times per week to do something for me (even if I need to have an extra cup of coffee to get through the day). ❀

Our Week in Pictures:

This girl has had a few rough days and we keep waiting for her first teeth to pop through. I hope the 45 minutes of inconsolable crying this morning means we're getting close. 😭😭😭 #wehateteething

"Guys, smile for mama!" 😏

Date night πŸ™Œ