Faith & Motherhood

Whew! It has been a whirlwind of a summer.

First things first – I had my baby boy! His name is Isaac James. Birth Story will be posted later this week.

In my short time as a mother, I have come to the conclusion that motherhood builds faith. Media shows motherhood as constant cuddles, meaningful breastfeeding, and intoxicating love with a newborn. Now the media isn’t wrong – those things do happen (and they are wonderful!). However, motherhood has a whole other side – nights with zero sleep, breastfeeding battles, and babes who can’t be soothed. Motherhood is a HUGE transition. You go from worrying only about yourself & husband to being responsible for another human being – one who needs attention & love constantly.

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Things I Wish I Knew Before Baby Arrived

  1. Prepare to witness more poop than ever before.
  2. You actually have zero control over everything.
  3. Comforting retort to #2 – that means God IS in control of everything.
  4. You will be exhausted, but your body will learn to adjust.
  5. You will instantly fall in love with your baby.
  6. You will be simultaneously elated and mortified by how quickly they grow.
  7. People (strangers included!) will give you their two cents about EVERYTHING. Do yourself a favor & ignore them.
  8. You will want to stay at home with your baby, despite YEARS of swearing you would never be a SAHM.
  9. You will have a newfound appreciation for your own parents, and it will grow your love for them immensely.
  10. You will be terrified to leave the house the first few weeks, but you will eventually get over that and Target trips will come back into your life.
  11. Your marriage will grow stronger as you both transition into parenthood together.
  12. You’ll cry about ridiculous things still – like packing up onesies that are too small.
  13. You will watch WAY too much TV during feedings and nap time.
  14. You will wish to grow another arm to carry all of the stuff that your baby needs. (Seriously, how does someone so small need so much stuff?!)
  15. You will be eternally grateful for such amazing blessings that a child brings.

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