Birth Story: Isaac James

When you first hear your due date, you think about that day for nine months as the magical day that you will meet your baby. Then, the day comes and passes. No baby. For days. For a week. Bummer.
My hospital would not let me go past 41 weeks, so I began the induction at 41 weeks exactly (May 22) at 9:30 – 41 weeks, 1.5 cm dilated, & 60% effaced.
They put an IV in (Ouch!) right away even though they wouldn’t start pitocin until I was 3 cm dilated.
Then they put me on cytotec – a little pill that they put behind the cervix – which did not hurt at all, just slightly uncomfortable. Cytotec takes 4 hours to dissolve & it is supposed to help encourage dilation and softening. They gave me three rounds of cytotec (AHEM 12 hours!), which gave me consistent contractions and brought me to – 2.5 cm & 80% effaced.
They decided to go ahead and give me pitocin despite not being at a 3, which they began at 2am. Pitocin at its lowest doses did very little – contractions that I could sleep through. They moved it up to “14” (no idea what that means, but they started at 4) and then contractions got really painful really quickly. All of my contractions were in my lower back & there were barely 10 second breaks in between. Not gonna lie – I was a little shocked by how quickly things got too painful for me (granted, I don’t have the world’s highest pain tolerance!).
They broke my water at 7am, because I did not dilate at all with the pitocin. (BTW – I had a “I think my water broke” moment the week before giving birth – bahahaha it was NOTHING like actually having your water break. There literally is a popping sound and then what feels like gallons of liquid pouring out of your body – just FYI!) Even with my water broken, I did not really dilate at all until…
At 9am May 23, I gladly received my epidural. That was my best decision of the day. I looked and felt better within 10 minutes of getting it (and E was really happy about that – it was really hard for him to see me in so much pain and not be able to help). It hurt like a son of a gun (duh it’s a huge needle that they put in your SPINE), but it was definitely worth it for me.
At noon, I was just under 5 cm, fully effaced, and baby is at -2.
The nurse came in at 2pm to check my dilation. She got this shocked look on her face and told me that I was officially dilated to 10 centimeters – shocked us both by how fast we got there! Baby was at 0 station, so they wanted to wait on pushing until he came down a bit. At about 3:30, they came to the conclusion (based on some constant back pain that I was having despite the epidural) that baby was sunny side up – no bueno. They put me these different positions to try to get baby to flip, but to no avail.
At about 6 we started pushing. We pushed for 30 minutes & then stopped. They wanted to wait for baby to drop more on his own. At 10 to seven, I was done waiting and told them that I felt the urge to push.
Pushing was an unbelievably exhausting process, which for some reason I wasn’t expecting (silly me!). I was really determined to get the baby out by 7:30 because I loved our nurses and there was a shift change then. Sure enough, he came on out at 7:19pm May 23rd!
BTW birth is so not done once baby is out.  There was about 20 minutes of placenta delivery/stitches/uterus pushing before people left. AND epidurals make your legs numb for hours after birth. Fun facts! I loved every second of the process though – so worth it when I finally got to hold little Isaac James.

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