Things I Want for My Son

As the days tick by, my little guy is growing and growing. I can’t believe how quickly time seems to be racing past us, which often steers my thoughts towards the future. I have been thinking about what kind of mom I want to be, what kind of dad E will be, and what I want our son to learn from us.


1. Patience – The beauty of sitting in silence & waiting. Patience does not need a computer or entertainment to help pass the time. I want my son to realize that being patient is apart of life – especially as you’re waiting on God and His plans.

2. Passion – The desire & longing to do what you love. In my last few years of teaching, the thing that breaks my heart is apathy. Students who are apathetic to EVERYTHING. Students who don’t have a passion or a drive. I want my son to find his calling (or something that fills him with joy) and run toward it.

3. Kindness – To everyone and everything. I want him to have a heart for people, animals, and the things around him.

4. Curiosity – It might have killed the cat, but we don’t like cats anyways. 😉 I want him to be curious about how things works, curious about God, curious about everything.

5. Communication – I want him to be able to communicate his feelings well. The hardest thing about any kind of relationship (intimate, professional, peer) is being able to communicate honestly with one another about feelings and expectations.

6. Love – Love God, Love Family, Love Friends, Love Yourself. I want him to know what healthy relationships look like and to strive toward those.

7. Faith – I want him to have an unshakable faith. This is something that I have seen in my husband who, despite everything, is faithful to God. I want that for Isaac – that never-doubting certainty that God is real, and He is the most important thing in this life.


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