5 Truths About Trying to Make Mom Friends

Since my son was born (and my recent move to a new state), I have been trying to make some mom friends. This should be easy, right? See a woman in Target with a couple of short people following her around – instant friends. WRONG

1. Making friends in your 20s & 30s is awkward enough.

giphy (6)

2. Want to join THE moms group in your area? Only if you’re going to shell out some cash.

giphy (1)

3. Following instamoms who live in your area in hopes of meeting your BFF.

giphy (5)

4. Sitting at Starbucks trying to look normal when, in reality, you are scoping out people’s kids. He looks like he could be my son’s best friend. 

giphy (4)

5. When you FINALLY find a group of moms who don’t charge you to be their friend, they will only meet Tuesdays at 9am. Working moms be like…

giphy (7)

Making mom friends is hard…

giphy (9)

But you’ll find that BFF eventually, and they will appreciate and love you quirks & all.

giphy (10)


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