It’s the Little Things, Folks

This week has been a long one. One with little sleep (thanks to my adorable little Isaac). One with long work days (Thanksgiving break is in less than a week!!). One with tough stuff (worldwide & close to home).

On weeks like this, when I literally have no control over my circumstances (*Ahem* we NEVER have control over our circumstances), I am reminded that it’s the little things and the sweet moments that stay with us.

So, here is a list of this week’s sweet stuff (no calories included!).

  1. Isaac started Army Crawling This Week
  2. E bought me California flowers this week – “Because that’s where YOU’RE from!”
  3. I spent time with my parents last weekend.
  4. I am shamelessly listening to Christmas music (and have been for 2 weeks now).
  5. I know what I am getting everyone for Christmas already – woohoo!



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