Day Dreamin’

As a kid, I often found myself day dreaming in the classroom. I day dreamed about what I would do when I got home from school, this weekend, this summer, and what life would be like when I was finally __ years old. I thought that the day dreaming would stop once I grew up and achieved my dreams. Boy, was I wrong.

I still find myself in a classroom everyday (teacher problem), and I still catch myself day dreaming. Sometimes it is still about what I will do after school, this weekend, and this summer. Other times, however, I dream about the future. What I want to accomplish. Where I want to end up. Who I am going to do it with.

My dreams have matured (somewhat 😉 ). I no longer dream about being the next Lizzie McGuire, what is under the Christmas tree, or being a grown up. Now, I find myself dreaming about family, stillness, adventures, trips, and dream jobs.

I used to dream about material things – toys, phones, computers, etc. I don’t find myself doing that much anymore (except for a big red barn that I can refurbish into my own theater!). Instead, I dream of moments to be cherished and adventures to be had with the ones I love.

I have decided (perhaps, selfishly) that day dreaming is not only for 12-year-olds trying to make it through math class. Day dreams are for everyone, and the moment you stop day dreaming is the moment that life ceases to be interesting.

Dream on, friends! Without dreams & goals, what is the point of this life we were given?


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