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Why Money Sucks (and why no one ever has enough of it)

Do you ever dream about the days when you worked the land to provide your own food? When people traded their crops for things that they needed. When material possessions were just things that you actually needed: home, clothes, food, etc. When homes were passed through families, actual life (survival skills) were taught, and hard work was rewarded.

Sigh. Good times.

If you are sitting there thinking about all of the negative things during this time period – no running water, short life expectancy, zero womens’ rights, etc. – then you’re ruining my daydream, so shame on you! 😉

I just find myself so wrapped up and frustrated with the cost of living today. I don’t see myself as someone who needs to have the latest and greatest of what the world has to offer. My parents taught me how to find the good deals and shop smart (shout out to awesome parents!). However, I still find myself spending tons on money on necessary things – groceries, cars, house, childcare.

Where exactly is this coming from, you may ask? I may have started doing my taxes this weekend. Blech. While I understand the purpose of taxes (somewhat…), I still get so frustrated with them.

So, I am dreaming about selling all our possessions and buying a little house on a big piece of land outright. Then we can have our own garden with our own crops. We can learn to can and preserve our food to last us the year. We can get chickens and cows. We can work while the sun is out and sleep easy knowing that everything we need is right outside.

You might be sitting there thinking that money would solve everything. Nope. Mo’ money, mo’ problems. Honestly, the richest people that I have met tended to be the most miserable. The expectations are higher when you have more money. People around you get greedier. You find ways to spend all that money that you have, no matter how much you earn.


So if you need me, I will be dreaming away about simpler times and the glorious-ness that heaven will be in an eternity without money (and with our savior – duh!).

p.s. If you know me at all, you’ll also know that I would need a dishwasher in this imaginary homestead. Dishes are the worst. 😉


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