One Day at a Time

Often times I find myself obsessed with the “five year plan”. I have always been a dreamer and a planner. Sometimes I find myself stuck in the future, which isn’t a good place to spend a lot of time. We know that the future is not guaranteed or promised to us, yet I find myself stressing and planning for it anyways.

I have to remind myself (constantly) to take things one day at a time. Enjoy the present and let the future things come in their own timing.

So, here is what we are doing in our present:

Spending spring break at the beach with our 10-month-old. 

Celebrating our second year of marriage (and fifth year together). 

Raising our hands with joyful and thankful hearts for all of the blessings in our lives. 

Listening to this song on repeat, which reminds us that life is short and we need to live life to the fullest. 


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