My Dream House

I have never wanted a huge house – probably because I grew up in one and saw how much of a pain it was to keep a huge house clean! 😉 Instead, I have always said that I want a small house on a big piece of land. Now, E & I are nowhere near the house-buying stage (hopefully a year or so!), but a girl can still plan and dream! I don’t care so much about layouts as much as I do spaces & cozyness.

  1. Kitchen

This is a little too white for my taste, but I do love that farm sink with a view. I’m trying to convince my husband of the open-concept cabinets. He isn’t on board quite yet, but I have time!

2. Reading Nook

Guys, this is the dream right here. Just imagine all of the tea & books that this sweet little space could be used for!

3. Fireplace Mantle

I want a beautiful (and sturdy!) mantle to decorate all year long. Although my love for fireplaces is at an all-time low right now (something about toddlers & endless desert heat takes the joy from them!), I know that our dream home needs one!

4. A Cozy Front Porch

Lazy Sundays sippin’ lemonade will be spent in cozy patio chairs on our future front porch.

5. ALL The Gardens

Vegetable, flower, orchard – you name it, I want it! I have this whole idea of what I want to do with my gardens in my mind, but I can never find pictures that represent what I want.




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