Ahhhh. The beautiful sigh of relief that IS summer vacation. It has been a rough school year, guys! I am so ready for two months of lounging, organizing, cooking, and (most importantly) spending time with my big 1-YEAR-OLD!

Can we talk about 1-year-olds for a second? I swear Isaac knew he turned one. All of a sudden he wants to walk everywhere. Don’t even think about carrying him or else cue the tantrum train! I thought tantrums were for two-year-olds.. our Starbucks trip this morning proved that theory WRONG. 😉

However, I am liking some of the other changes. He is starting to become a bit more independent. This morning at the park, he was totally content walking around and climbing the stairs of the big toy without mama’s help (though I was always a grab away!). He is starting to understand things a bit more now too and completely ignores me when I say “no”!

I have to say that I am liking this stage. The stage of playing with blocks, being obsessed with dogs, trying new foods, and greeting me with a big ‘ol smile every morning.




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