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Mom Guilt

Hello out there! It has been awhile since I sent something out into the blogosphere. Why, you may wonder? Because I have been too busy spending time with my family…and dealing with the unbelievable fatigue that accompanies the first trimester.

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That’s right, ya’ll! Baby #2 will be here in January!!! We are SO excited to have two kiddos so close together in age (20 months). I know that it will be a CRAZY transition with more sleep deprivation and poopy diapers than I could ever imagine, but I am so looking forward to our little family growing. 🙂

With that said, it has been a tough few weeks for me & my little goober. I started work again last week, which meant the glorious summer that I just spent 24/7 with Isaac came to an end. He isn’t taking it so well either – though this picture is not evidence of that!

Suffering from some serious mom guilt today. A 10-hour work day without this face is killing me, and it's only Monday. Prayers for me & this little guy would be much appreciated as we settle into school mode! #motherhood #momlife #workingmom #boymom #toddler

Mom guilt is so real. So painful. So paralyzing.

I hate it.

I know that there are women who work far longer hours than I do, so I can’t complain too much. But, man, do I miss my kiddo!

I have put in a few 10-hour days this week, which gives Isaac and me about 1-2 hours before I have to put him down. Going from all day to a few hours a day has been rough.

The only thing that has been getting me through is this mantra:

This too shall pass. 


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