The Passage of Time

Here I am on my lunch break, eating cake and fretting over the passage of time. Call the cliche’ police! 😉

Perhaps, it is because I’m pregnant. Or just because I’m getting older. But holy cow. Time is flying (and simultaneously not moving fast enough).

When I look at Isaac, and see how much he has grown and changed in the last year and a half, it blows my freakin mind. What happened to that crying infant that we brought home from the NICU? The one who pooped everywhere the first time he took a bath. The one who was obsessed with his playmat. The one who got so mad when he couldn’t roll over.

That kid is walking, climbing, running, and talking (or attempting to) now. Crazy town.

Now that we have our second little on the way, the pregnancy seems to be flying by as well. I am almost halfway through!

With that said, I am pinning Christmas & Thanksgiving recipes/decor because I just can’t wait.

I hope that at a certain point, I stop hoping & wishing for time to pass. Because time is precious. I know that despite the sleep deprivation, diapers, and temper tantrums, I am going to miss this stage one day.

Tuesday vibes! Ignore the crazy hair and food on Isaac's face. #mom #motherhood #slowliving #toddler #boymom



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