Dear Stay-at-Home-Moms,

As a working mom who dreams of the days when she can stay home with her kiddos, I have a few words for you.

Your job is SO important. Even if some days don’t seem like they are. You are raising your kiddo. You get to see every growth, development, and “light bulb moment”. They get to turn to you for every “booboo”, sickness, and fear. You get all the cuddles (yay!) and tantrums (ehh). You get all of the time, which is so, so precious. I see the time that I miss in my son’s eyes everytime I drop him off at daycare.

Your good days will outweigh the bad ones. There will be bad days. Duh. Raising kids is hard. Watching them when they are sick/hurt/teething/grumpy is hard. But thankfully, those memories tend to fade into oblivion only to be replaced by the warm afternoons spent at the park, the ice cream dates, and the tickle fights.

You will eventually “get your life back”. You will sleep again (eventually). You will get dressed up for date night again. You will have friends again. You will have grown up conversations again. When you do have all of those things, you will inevitably miss the newborn stage.

Your time, energy, & work may never be appreciated. But you are making such a huge impact on your family. Your kids won’t remember all of the sacrifices that you made for them, but one day their character will show it.

You are doing a GREAT job. Even on days where you snap. Even on days where the TV is on for way too long. Even on days when you lock yourself in the bathroom for two minutes alone. This job is a hard one, and you are nailing it.

One day I hope to join your club, but until then I will smile at you in the grocery store all the while wishing that I had your job title.


A Working Mom


2 thoughts on “Dear Stay-at-Home-Moms,”

  1. Thank you! I appreciate that you understand the important things in life. I was blessed by being able to stay home with my daughter and left my nursing career to do so. Even when she started school, I decided to work from home just so I could be there for her and not miss anything. I believe it was the best decision I ever made. I hope you can join our club some day, it is so worth it!


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