“Me Time” at 3am

Image result for time as a mom comic

Finding “me time” is tough most days. I am either at work, with Isaac, or spending time with Ethan. My only “alone time” of the day is generally driving to and from work to Isaac’s daycare. Sometimes that 15 minutes just doesn’t suffice.

As the “grandma” that my husband lovingly refers to me as, I followed suit last night and went to bed at 6:45. Yowza. I could give you all of the excuses in the world – pregnancy, long day, etc –  but the reality is 6:45 is just too darn early to go to bed. I learned that lesson this morning when I woke up ready to conquer the day… at 3am.

After failing to convince my body to go back to sleep, I decided to run with it. Dark, quiet house, all to myself (as long as I’m quiet)? I’ll take it!

I made myself a snack and didn’t have to share it with an adorable little human who is constantly stealing my food.

I laid on the couch and put on a TV show that didn’t involve any nursery rhymes.

I watched the entire show while wrapped up in a blanket without getting up a single time. Said show: This is Us – I’m already in love!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time scrolling through instagram and facebook, soaking in the quiet, and just being “me” for a bit.

Even though I am tired (I’ve already been up for 5+ hours!), my soul feels refreshed. Sometimes you need a good dose of time to yourself without being a wife or mom – just being a girl eating cookies at 3am.



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