I am a total homebody. Ask anyone. I love being home. There is nothing more comforting than the hum of the dryer, the smell of something delicious in the oven, wearing slippers, or lighting a brand new candle. I love the slowness of it all. The familiarity. The control. The comfort.

I promised myself I wouldn't do anything fall related until the 22nd. Oops! At least I was close... #motherhood #momlife #falllove #autumn #happyfall #slowliving #liveauthentic
 Working full-time obviously takes me away from that safe haven. I type that as I am wearing clothing that, while fashionable, is less than comfortable. Shoes that make my feet want to cry. I haven’t had a bathroom break in like 5 hours. There is nothing delicious smelling cooking here. There is just work. “It’s called work because it isn’t fun. That’s why they PAY you.” That’s my dad’s catch phrase. I find that I repeat it like a mantra on days like these.
Love this boy of mine! Now when we cuddle, his little sister kicks him in the back! They're already playing (...or fighting!). #motherhood #momlife #toddler #pregnancy #slowliving #letthembelittle

 So, I will replay clips from my weekend. Images of chasing Isaac around the park swirl with yummy casseroles. Enjoying my new book – Shauna Niequest’s Bread & Wine – while drooling over her recipes. Strolling around the outdoor mall hand-in-hand with my husband.


Some day.

p.s. Happy October!!! My second favorite month of the year!! (My first is December, duh. Christmas, my birthday, and my favorite season’s arrival all in one month? Yes, please!).


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