Natural Remedies

I never thought I would write a post like this, but it has to be said. I was raised to go to the doctor for any sniffle, ache, or cough. EVERY TIME. It got to a point where I would go, pay a copay, spend 2+ hours at their office, and have them tell me to drink fluids and rest. 😦 Thank you, captain obvious. I have never been a huge fan of pain meds if I don’t need them, and that is all that the doctor would suggest. Tylenol. Advil. Numb the pain.

When it was just me who was sick, I didn’t care as much. I rolled my eyes at the doctor’s suggestions and bought a Gatorade on my way home… and (usually) Nyquil which is a WHOLE other story (one that involved me developing a sleeping pill habit for awhile. Yuck!).

Now that I have a little one that I adore and another on the way, I am much more cognizant about what goes into their bodies. Nothing like being in charge of little people to turn around your ideas of health & wellness! 😉

I started looking into natural remedies. What will help when Isaac has a bad cold (which is ALL THE TIME as a toddler!)? What do I do when my 6-month-pregnant body doesn’t want to sleep at night? What do I offer my husband when his stomach is bothering him.. again?

e s s e n t i a l   o i l s

This was what popped up most. I’ll admit – I rolled my eyes at the first few articles that I read (I do that a lot, can you tell??). How could an oil possibly help with health and wellness? Then, I tried them and had to enjoy a big ‘ole helping of humble pie. I was wrong about them, and I am so glad.

Now, I am a total advocate for all things essential oils. I have seen how powerful they can be, and it actual makes me giddy to talk about how life changing they have become for my little family.

This little boy has been super sick lately, and unfortunately the pediatrician can do NOTHING to ease his pain or discomfort. So thankful to have some great natural remedies to help out my little sickie. We are difusing all the breathe & lavender tonight! Let me invite you to give essential oils a try! Contact me if you're interested! #wellness #doterraessentialoils #doterra #slowliving #natural #health #toddler #motherhood #momlife #letthembelittle #workingmom #essentialoils
I joined a company called doTERRA that sells Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils that are affordable. I’m obsessed. Not only do I use the oils, but I started selling them. People need to know that there are ALTERNATIVES out there. I no longer pay a copay and waste hours in a doctor’s office for the sniffles. I go to my drawer of oils and difuser.
If you are interested in learning more about oils, purchasing some, or becoming a sales advocate (and bringing in some extra cash!), let me know!
I invite you to check out the information yourself. See how life changing it can be. 🙂




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