Julia Marie – A Birth Story


Let’s just say that the day Julia decided to arrive was the furthest thing from ideal timing. I had been up all night with the stomach flu – very little sleep (if any) and absolutely NOTHING sustainable in my system. I was taking the day easy mostly sleeping & praying that the worst of it was over. During a nap, something felt off. All of the sudden, I was sitting in liquid. My water broke.

In a mad panic, I yelled for my hubby (who thank the LORD stayed home from work to care for me!). We rushed through our home throwing random things into a hospital bag, calling family*, and trying not to panic. My contractions started right away – thankfully they were mild, but regular. We got to triage and confirmed that I was, in fact, in labor. They sent in a doctor after confirming my status who told us that we would NOT be able to deliver at their hospital. Since our baby was considered premature (35 weeks, 4 days), they did not have room for her. She assured us they would call another hospital and transfer us over. Welp, hospital #2 didn’t want to take us either. Thankfully, hospital #3 set up a room for us.

I rode in an ambulance to the new hospital while Ethan followed behind in our car. My contractions stayed regular, but bearable. Apparently, when the nurses called for the ambulance they told the medics that I was in active labor and might deliver IN the ambulance. The medics were surprised (and confused) as to why I was talking through contractions and making jokes. We soon realized the nurses just wanted to expedite the process of getting an ambulance, so they fibbed a bit about how far along I was!

Once we got to the hospital, the medics wheeled me into the room that I was assigned. We were all confused (and a little terrified) that there was a screaming woman in there pushing out a child. Maybe you have the top bunk? chuckled one of the medics. Oops. Wrong room. Once we actually got to my room, they got me all checked in. I was at 5cm and fully effaced. The doctor was sure that the baby would be here today. They put me on pitocin to speed up my dilation and gave me the epidural. After about an hour, I started feeling some serious pressure down there despite having the epidural. It got so unbearable that I told Ethan to call in a nurse…NOW. Within minutes, our room was filled with nurses, doctors, and the NICU team (premie problems). It was time to push. I was in unbelievable pain despite having the epidural – apparently it decided to STOP working during the pushing part. Rude. Thankfully, Julia was ready for the world because I pushed for a total of five minutes and she was here weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces (HUGE for her gestational age) and healthy as could be. I was stoked that we got to do skin-to-skin immediately and she didn’t need to do any NICU time.

We were released from the hospital the evening of Christmas Eve, which was idyllic. We drove home in the rain with Christmas lights glittering all around us and our baby girl in the back seat. Our family woke up in our home as a family of FOUR on Christmas morning. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

*It should be mentioned that my mom and sister started driving out to us when we called them after my water broke. My mom really wanted to be there for Julia’s birth, and they live about 8 hours away. They sped the whole way and made it with 15 minutes to spare. My mom got to witness her first granddaughter enter the world, and my sister got a huge dose of holy crap labor looks horrifying I never want to do that birth control. 😉

This little darling decided she wanted to come a whole month early! Julia Marie, welcome to the world! We're both doing well so far!

This little one's birth story is up on the blog! Polar opposite of her brother's birth experience!! Link in profile!



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