Fill Your Cup

Motherhood is draining. It requires you to give, give, give of yourself at all hours of the day (even when little J needs me every hour on the hour at night!). That means there HAS to be time and activities that you do FOR you! For me, I just started running again. I take 15-20 minutes to go run a few times a week without kids. I get to listen to my iPod, burn some calories, and gain major endorphins. It is glorious (while I am actually running, I disagree with this sentiment 😉 ). Another thing I do on a weekly basis (along with everyone else who has excellent taste!) is watch This is Us on Wednesday nights. I usually do this while cuddling with little Julia and it is time that I look forward to each week. 🙂

This past few weeks were a doozy. Both kiddos were sick – landing Julia & I in the hospital for 24 hours! The hubby ALSO got sick after starting a new job (YAY promotion!). So today I am filling my cup. We went to church this morning (after church shopping for almost 2 years, I think we found the one) where I got to sing worship songs & dance with my two littles. After church, I went on my run. During naptime, I baked a Strawberry Buckle (thanks Farmhouse Rules!). My run will cancel out the amount of sugar I’m about to consume, right? 😉

I’m feeling myself, full, and ready to conquer the week because I took some time to take care of me.

Cheers to #selfcareSunday!

I don't take very many selfies - especially ones without makeup while I'm still in jammies. BUT after 20 months on this earth, Isaac has FINALLY slept until 7am! This little guy is usually up between 5 & 6 and we've been trying to get him to sleep in for a long time! So happy to see some results (and sleep in a bit!). Julia, you're next!! #momlife #motherhood #honestmotherhood #candidchildhood #toddler #newborn #slowliving #letthembelittle #igmotherhood #coffee

Monday vibes.

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