Through the Eyes of a Child

Having kids has taught me a lot:

how to change a diaper

how to live on virtually no sleep

how to put others ahead of myself

how important coffee is for everyone’s well being

how you should never leave your house without a Binky. Ever.

Something that it has taught me recently with my son – seeing things through the eyes of a child. Kids are in awe of everything. Even the most mundane things. They are filled with excitement and joy over things like a school bus.

Isaac has recently become obsessed with all things transportation – cars, trucks, tractors, trains, you name it! However, to Isaac they are all a “bus”. Whenever we’re going anywhere, you can bet I hear my little guy back there saying “BUS” half a dozen times to describe any big vehicle. He’s obsessed. So now, I’m always looking for actual buses to point out to him. Another prime example = birds. Walking at the park has turned into a scavenger hunt for birds.

The wonderment of a child is something we should all try to emulate. It’s time to slow down and enjoy the little things (like big yellow buses and hummingbirds).


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