When Motherhood is Hard

This week I questioned my ability to be a mother – more than once.

Nothing really prepares you for motherhood. Unfortunately, there are no manuals even though my bookshelf is filled with about a dozen books that claim to be.

Motherhood is a big burden at times.

What if my kids turn out to be horrible adults?

What if I don’t prepare them properly for what’s to come?

What if I’m terrified to transition them to a real bed and I keep them in a crib forever? đŸ˜‰

But really, there’s a lot of pressure. Make sure they eat healthy. Make sure they do amazing crafts that boost creativity. Make sure they play outside. Make sure they learn a million languages so one day they can go to college. The list goes on..

Instead of getting wrapped up in the tough moments this week (OK, I did allow myself a little cry sesh), I am trusting the following:

Image result for god gave these kids to you

Sometimes I wonder why. The planner in me wants a manual. But the believer in me knows that this is true. This is God’s plan. Those babies (even in the midst of tantrums and bad behavior) are mine to love on, hold, snuggle, discipline, teach, and share this life with. That makes it all worth it.

This boy has been such a love bug lately. Today he ran up to a random little boy at the park and gave him a hug out of the blue! #momlife #motherhood #toddler #candidchildhood #sahm #slowliving #livesimply #kidsofinstagram

Sunday snuggles with this cutie!

It's been a good week with these two goobers. Isaac has been a little chatter box (we're working on colors!) and Julia started smiling at us for real (no more gas-related grins!). Looking forward to a fun family weekend! #motherhood #momlifeisthebestlife #momlife #2under2 #candidchildhood #letthembelittle #slowliving #livesimply #brotherandsister #sahm


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