This is For You

I am tired of the mommy wars – the comparisons – the constant one-upping.

I’m tired of the “they can’t have/do/play” mentality.

I am tired of the “everything is bad” theory.

I am tired of feeling judged CONSTANTLY.

If you have endured the eye rolls, the finger shaking, the lectures from strangers like I have, then this is for YOU.

To the mom who bought her kids donuts, a little sugar won’t hurt.

To the mom who threw a birthday party on a budget, your kid didn’t even notice.

To the mom who yelled at her kids, you’re only human.

To the mom whose kids are always a mess, that means they’re having fun.

To the mom who doesn’t buy organic, your kids will be just fine.

Kids are resilient. Kids are a handful. Kids are an unbelievable blessing.

Your only job is to love on them and cherish them. Ignore the rules that society deems worthy. They aren’t.

So enjoy Popsicles with red dye 40, have puddle-jumping contests (regardless of the shirt you’re wearing), give your kids their favorite snacks, and LOVE on them no matter what.

At the end of the day, time slips by quickly. You won’t remember how healthy they ate, how pristine their clothes looked at the mall, or how you lived in a “plastic-free home”. You’ll remember the summer day you got soaked to the bone while jumping in puddles during a rainstorm. You’ll remember sticky Popsicle kisses. You’ll remember the weekly donut picnics. You’ll remember the people who sang and laughed with you at birthday parties.


What a celebration! He's not quite two yet, but we had fun partying this morning! Thanks for all who came - he had a blast!

Happy Friday from our happy little Julia! So glad we were blessed with this little love to complete our family! Expect lots of pictures this weekend - we've got a 2ND birthday party and my family coming out!!



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