The Kitchen Challenge

I have found myself yearning to do more in the kitchen – be more creative and try things that I’ve deemed “too hard” in the past. So, I’m challenging myself (and those who follow) a Beginner’s Kitchen Challenge. It will be 10 recipes or skills to do over a 10-week period. I am aiming for one per week because this life season is crazy (and budgets are tight!).

So here it is – skills I want to hone & recipes I want to try…

  1. Bake your own bread (maybe get crazy and add some fun fillings like herbs, cheese, or fruit!)
  2. Cook a FULL bird (turkey, chicken, quail – it doesn’t matter. I was SO nervous when I made a turkey the first time, but it is a necessary skill!)
  3. Make your own salad dressing (or two, or three, or four! I have always wanted to do this, but haven’t. I know this is normal in some homes, but we’ve only done store bought here!)
  4. Make homemade pasta (from scratch – no store-bought noodles. Again, maybe add something different! There is a Shaye Elliot recipe for pasta that I’ve been dying to try HERE.)
  5. Make homemade poptarts (this is admittedly the most random on this list, BUT we’re looking for something unique to make for Christmas morning, and we’re a family of poptart lovers. I’ve heard of some GREAT recipes, and I am excited to try it out!)
  6. Make homemade Mac & Cheese (with all the fixin’s – obviously! For us, it will probably include bacon and a million types of cheese.)
  7. Make a homemade pizza (crust & all – I have been telling Ethan for YEARS that I want to do this so we can make a pizza with toppings we all like!)
  8. Make your own pesto (maybe even make this the same night you make the homemade bread – yum!)
  9. Make your favorite breakfast dish from scratch (That means, pancakes, waffles, and fritatas from scratch! For me, it’s Eggs Benedict!)
  10. Make seafood (Ethan and I enjoy seafood, but have never attempted to make anything! We will probably do some kind of seared salmon – but I am VERY tempted to try a lobser too!)

I will post about specific recipes (successes and disaster) as I am making them! I *might* have an artisan loaf rising as we speak, but it’s quite plain and I think I can do better!

Happy Adventuring in your Kitchen!


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