About Chelsea

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

My name is Chelsea. I am twenty-something mama experiencing the ups and downs of life and smiling through it. You can usually find me chasing my cuties through the desert, daydreaming in the laundry room, or enjoying a big ‘ol iced coffee regardless of the temperature outside.


This blog will be an eclectic one with random life musings surrounding motherhood, my Lord & Savior, marriage, joy, gardening, and all things whimsy. ❤

Why “growing herbs and heirs”?

In my current life stage (with two small kiddos – both under 3 & a burning passion for all things homestead), I have decided that I need to focus on two main things:

  1. Gardening – I want to learn HOW to grow our own veggies, herbs, & fruits. I am a TOTAL newbie with only a balcony as home to my current container garden. Follow along on my journey to becoming less of a mindless consumer & more of an appreciator of God’s marvelous creation. 
  2. Raising Children – Ethan & I are raising two kiddos who are 19 months apart with POLAR OPPOSITE personalities. We’re trying to raise them to be kind & loving adults and to know with every fiber in their being that they are HEIRS to God’s kingdom. 

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