About Chelsea

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. πŸ™‚

My name is Chelsea. I am twenty-something mama experiencing the ups and downs of life and smiling through it. I am currently residing in Southern Arizona with my family.

Howard-Lowe Wedding -3395

Things that I LOVE (in no particular order)

rainy mornings, the smell of baseball season, Jesus Christ, coffee & tea, my darling husband, libraries, the beach, my adorably silly son, music, my unbelievable family & friends, coconut everything, crafting, pigs (and ALL farm animals), breakfast any time of the day, long drives, sunrises & sunsets, New York City, margaritas, my cuddle-bug daughter, sweaters, yoga, nightly walks & talks, daydreaming, theater, Disney movies, classic novels, freshly washed sheets

My blog will likely be as eclectic as the list you see above because my life is eclectic and this blog will be about my life. I hope to have some consistency with monthly crafts & weekly encouragements, but no subjects are off limits. πŸ™‚


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