A Day in the Life

Ear infections, colds, and more snot than should be mentioned has wreaked havoc on us this week. I know things are bad when my almost-3-year-old doesn't want to do ANYTHING. Just sit. And cuddle. ❤ While I detest when my kids are sick, the "laying low" isn't so bad. We haven't left the house very… Continue reading A Day in the Life


What Happens When You Quit Social Media

For Lent this year, I gave up facebook and instagram. When I first told E that I was planning to do this, he laughed and commented that was quite a lofty goal. He was right. I wasted a LOT of time mindlessly scrolling. Social media became a place of comparison and a facade for true… Continue reading What Happens When You Quit Social Media


Having a Gypsy Soul

Here's yet another post about "the grass being greener" elsewhere... avert your eyes if need be. I have had the heart of a wanderer for as long as I can remember. I have consistently kept journals since the fifth grade, and it is laughable how many places (ie ideas of places) I fell in love… Continue reading Having a Gypsy Soul


Coffee & Banana Bread

Awwww. A fresh pot of coffee brewing and a big 'ol loaf of banana bread rising in the oven. Glorious. Can you just IMAGINE the ambiance - a snowy January day, wrapped in my coziest sweater, and the coffee warming every bone in my body after enjoying some time in the snow with my littles.… Continue reading Coffee & Banana Bread


New Beginnings

I love all things seasonal. Every holiday, tradition, full moon has a place in my heart because it marks the passage of time. I love thinking back about where I was on this day years ago and where I will be years from now. There is so much hope and insight in the passage of… Continue reading New Beginnings


2018: The Year of Reading

Since having kids, I have really dropped the ball on my love of reading. I've probably read 3 books from start to finish, and part of 10 other books! Yikes. As an English teacher (and general bookworm), this breaks my heart! SO, I'm bringing reading back (Cue: Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" - You're Welcome). I'm… Continue reading 2018: The Year of Reading


Closing the Books on 2017

Welp... it looks like I have neglected this little blog yet again. At least I'm consistently neglecting it? 😉 The past few months have been unbelievably busy and unbelievably blessed. My kiddos still manage to put a smile on my face every single day, and they are growing SO fast. My hubby is still working… Continue reading Closing the Books on 2017