A Sick Day’s To-Do List

Nothing quite says 'February' like germs. Valentine's Day - spreading love & the common cold for generations. ❤ In all honesty, we've been quite blessed during this cold & flu season, but this week everyone (aside from my Isaac) is out for the count. So we're cozying up under blankets, drinking an extra cup of… Continue reading A Sick Day’s To-Do List


Marry the Kind One

Lately, I've been having a lot of conversations surrounding marriage and relationships. Mostly from people who have been really hurt in relationships of their own. I'll be the first to admit that my husband, myself, and our marriage are far from perfect, but I did one thing right. I married a kind man. A truly… Continue reading Marry the Kind One


English Garden Inspiration

Feeling uninspired & just plain "blah" lately. Apparently, hours & hours of language acquisition articles will zap the whimsy and wonder right out of you! (p.s. My TESOL certification is going well!). So, I'm taking to pinterest to find some beautiful English gardens and sharing them here for those who need a little reminder of… Continue reading English Garden Inspiration


Hiking With (Young) Kids: A Guide

Everyone knows that fresh air and nature are great RESETS when it comes to kids and adults alike. When you've been cooped up or the kids are starting to use your couch as a playground, it's probably time to get outside. We've been hiking with our kids pretty regularly since Isaac was about 8 months… Continue reading Hiking With (Young) Kids: A Guide