On the Hard Days

To the mom who’s about to lose her mind,

You’re not alone.

Let’s imagine it’s a busy week for your husband – he’s worked the last 7 days straight and put in about 70 hours this week leaving you alone with a toddler and a newborn.

But you just stay home and play all day… Isn’t this what you wanted? 

I love my kiddos. Always will. But being around two kids under two for days on end with very little adult conversation (does the checker at the grocery store count?) can take its toll. And sometimes you will daydream about going to Starbucks to read a book that doesn’t talk about sleep schedules and drink a cup of coffee that doesn’t have to be reheated a dozen times. Or you’ll simply daydream of dropping a deuce without a toddler going through all of your bathroom cabinets.

It’s OK to have the “I love you, but you’re driving me crazy” days. The thing about childhood (and motherhood) is that it is fleeting:

You won’t always be dealing with blowouts and potty training.
You won’t always be given dirty looks in the mall when your kid is throwing a tantrum.
You won’t always have your hair in a bun and be covered in goodness knows what (has that spit up been there ALL day??).

One day your little one will be old enough to use the bathroom without your help, drive himself to school, and one day move out of your home leaving you with the cleanliness and quiet that you spent years dreaming about alongside a hole that will yearn to go back to the days of the threenager throwing blocks at his sister. Everything has a season, and there is beauty in that sentiment.

So, collect all the memories – from the good and bad days because you’ll miss them when they are gone. And on the really bad days , drive through a Starbucks put on a song that isn’t sung by the Mother Goose Club and remind yourself – this too shall pass.

Before I know it he's gonna be a teenager. Slow down, time! #motherhood #momlife #livesimply #liveauthentic #slowliving #letthembelittle #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #toddler #sahm

Julia Marie – A Birth Story


Let’s just say that the day Julia decided to arrive was the furthest thing from ideal timing. I had been up all night with the stomach flu – very little sleep (if any) and absolutely NOTHING sustainable in my system. I was taking the day easy mostly sleeping & praying that the worst of it was over. During a nap, something felt off. All of the sudden, I was sitting in liquid. My water broke.

In a mad panic, I yelled for my hubby (who thank the LORD stayed home from work to care for me!). We rushed through our home throwing random things into a hospital bag, calling family*, and trying not to panic. My contractions started right away – thankfully they were mild, but regular. We got to triage and confirmed that I was, in fact, in labor. They sent in a doctor after confirming my status who told us that we would NOT be able to deliver at their hospital. Since our baby was considered premature (35 weeks, 4 days), they did not have room for her. She assured us they would call another hospital and transfer us over. Welp, hospital #2 didn’t want to take us either. Thankfully, hospital #3 set up a room for us.

I rode in an ambulance to the new hospital while Ethan followed behind in our car. My contractions stayed regular, but bearable. Apparently, when the nurses called for the ambulance they told the medics that I was in active labor and might deliver IN the ambulance. The medics were surprised (and confused) as to why I was talking through contractions and making jokes. We soon realized the nurses just wanted to expedite the process of getting an ambulance, so they fibbed a bit about how far along I was!

Once we got to the hospital, the medics wheeled me into the room that I was assigned. We were all confused (and a little terrified) that there was a screaming woman in there pushing out a child. Maybe you have the top bunk? chuckled on of the medics. Oops. Wrong room. Once we actually got to my room, they got me all checked in. I was at 5cm and fully effaced. The doctor was sure that the baby would be here today. They put me on pitocin to speed up my dilation and gave me the epidural. After about an hour, I started feeling some serious pressure down there despite having the epidural. It got so unbearable that I told Ethan to call in a nurse…NOW. Within minutes, our room was filled with nurses, doctors, and the NICU team (premie problems). It was time to push. I was in unbelievable pain despite having the epidural – apparently it decided to STOP working during the pushing part. Rude. Thankfully, Julia was ready for the world because I pushed for a total of five minutes and she was here weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces (HUGE for her gestational age) and healthy as could be. I was stoked that we got to do skin-to-skin immediately and she didn’t need to do any NICU time.

We were released from the hospital the evening of Christmas Eve, which was idyllic. We drove home in the rain with Christmas lights glittering all around us and our baby girl in the back seat. Our family woke up in our home as a family of FOUR on Christmas morning. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

*It should be mentioned that my mom and sister started driving out to us when we called them after my water broke. My mom really wanted to be there for Julia’s birth, and they live about 8 hours away. They sped the whole way and made it with 15 minutes to spare. My mom got to witness her first granddaughter enter the world, and my sister got a huge dose of holy crap labor looks horrifying I never want to do that birth control. 😉

This little darling decided she wanted to come a whole month early! Julia Marie, welcome to the world! We're both doing well so far!

This little one's birth story is up on the blog! Polar opposite of her brother's birth experience!! Link in profile!


Becoming a Stay-at-Home-Mom

I have been working toward (and dreaming about) being a SAHM ever since my son was born in May 2015. It took awhile, but I finally got here! My husband and I decided to take a leap of faith and have me stay home with my son Isaac and my (soon-to-be) daughter Julia.

My last day of work was December 21 – a full month before my daughter was due. I had all of these glorious plans:
1. Set Up a Schedule for my 19-month-old.
2. Spend some time settling into our new place (boxes were scattered about everywhere).
3. Enjoy a nice & easy Christmas.
4. Start going to the local Mom’s Group events.

The list went on…

Do you see where I’m going with this? Obviously, NONE of this was accomplished because baby girl decided to join us on December 22. My water broke after a night of food poisoning less than 24 hours after my last day of work. (Birth Story coming SOON!)

Holy toldeo batman.

I was SO not prepared for THAT early of an arrival. We were so unprepared, but she had her own timing (and thankfully was extremely healthy & HUGE for a 35 weeker – 6lb 8 oz).

So instead of gradually joining the SAHM world, I feel like I was thrown into the deep end. I’m juggling a 19-month-old (one who is STRUGGLING with not being the sole center of attention) and a newborn. We’re almost two months in now, and so far so good. Only a few meltdowns (from the kiddos & this mama bird!), a couple of tears (mostly from the toddler), and lots of smiles.

I am excited about this journey, even though I know that there will be days that seem endless and impossible.

If you need me, I will be right here – babe in arms & coffee by my side. ❤ (Birth Story will be up TOMORROW!)

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Natural Remedies

I never thought I would write a post like this, but it has to be said. I was raised to go to the doctor for any sniffle, ache, or cough. EVERY TIME. It got to a point where I would go, pay a copay, spend 2+ hours at their office, and have them tell me to drink fluids and rest. 😦 Thank you, captain obvious. I have never been a huge fan of pain meds if I don’t need them, and that is all that the doctor would suggest. Tylenol. Advil. Numb the pain.

When it was just me who was sick, I didn’t care as much. I rolled my eyes at the doctor’s suggestions and bought a Gatorade on my way home… and (usually) Nyquil which is a WHOLE other story (one that involved me developing a sleeping pill habit for awhile. Yuck!).

Now that I have a little one that I adore and another on the way, I am much more cognizant about what goes into their bodies. Nothing like being in charge of little people to turn around your ideas of health & wellness! 😉

I started looking into natural remedies. What will help when Isaac has a bad cold (which is ALL THE TIME as a toddler!)? What do I do when my 6-month-pregnant body doesn’t want to sleep at night? What do I offer my husband when his stomach is bothering him.. again?

e s s e n t i a l   o i l s

This was what popped up most. I’ll admit – I rolled my eyes at the first few articles that I read (I do that a lot, can you tell??). How could an oil possibly help with health and wellness? Then, I tried them and had to enjoy a big ‘ole helping of humble pie. I was wrong about them, and I am so glad.

Now, I am a total advocate for all things essential oils. I have seen how powerful they can be, and it actual makes me giddy to talk about how life changing they have become for my little family.

This little boy has been super sick lately, and unfortunately the pediatrician can do NOTHING to ease his pain or discomfort. So thankful to have some great natural remedies to help out my little sickie. We are difusing all the breathe & lavender tonight! Let me invite you to give essential oils a try! Contact me if you're interested! #wellness #doterraessentialoils #doterra #slowliving #natural #health #toddler #motherhood #momlife #letthembelittle #workingmom #essentialoils
I joined a company called doTERRA that sells Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils that are affordable. I’m obsessed. Not only do I use the oils, but I started selling them. People need to know that there are ALTERNATIVES out there. I no longer pay a copay and waste hours in a doctor’s office for the sniffles. I go to my drawer of oils and difuser.
If you are interested in learning more about oils, purchasing some, or becoming a sales advocate (and bringing in some extra cash!), let me know!
I invite you to check out the information yourself. See how life changing it can be. 🙂




I am a total homebody. Ask anyone. I love being home. There is nothing more comforting than the hum of the dryer, the smell of something delicious in the oven, wearing slippers, or lighting a brand new candle. I love the slowness of it all. The familiarity. The control. The comfort.

I promised myself I wouldn't do anything fall related until the 22nd. Oops! At least I was close... #motherhood #momlife #falllove #autumn #happyfall #slowliving #liveauthentic
 Working full-time obviously takes me away from that safe haven. I type that as I am wearing clothing that, while fashionable, is less than comfortable. Shoes that make my feet want to cry. I haven’t had a bathroom break in like 5 hours. There is nothing delicious smelling cooking here. There is just work. “It’s called work because it isn’t fun. That’s why they PAY you.” That’s my dad’s catch phrase. I find that I repeat it like a mantra on days like these.
Love this boy of mine! Now when we cuddle, his little sister kicks him in the back! They're already playing (...or fighting!). #motherhood #momlife #toddler #pregnancy #slowliving #letthembelittle

 So, I will replay clips from my weekend. Images of chasing Isaac around the park swirl with yummy casseroles. Enjoying my new book – Shauna Niequest’s Bread & Wine – while drooling over her recipes. Strolling around the outdoor mall hand-in-hand with my husband.


Some day.

p.s. Happy October!!! My second favorite month of the year!! (My first is December, duh. Christmas, my birthday, and my favorite season’s arrival all in one month? Yes, please!).

For the Love of Coziness

It is a gloriously rainy Thursday. The sky is gray. The coffee is hot. And I’m…. wishing I was home lounging around! On days like these, I crave a beautiful bathtub, a good book, and something scrumptious baking in the oven. Basically, all things COZY!

So, I am going to give you a wonderful tour into “Chelsea’s Dream Spots of Cozy”. I know you’ve all been dying for this post. 😉 :  :

Home Channel TV | Home Videos | Home Design | Virtual Tour | House Tour: COZY COZY - Lindsay Marcella: Library: Aiken House & Gardens ~ Boathouse nook at Christmas: Farm, Barn, Wood, Stone & Steel(love for rustics) — homeadverts:   Amazing lodge style home in...: Hello, winter. With your howling winds and nose-diving temperatures, you give us the perfect excuse to stay inside where it's warm and curl up with a great book. Check out these divine book nooks for inspiration (prepare to pin!) and then go carve out a corner of your home or apartment where you can relax and read.: Definitely need it in my dream house with an ocean view!!: AD-Cozy-Reading-Nooks-Book-Corner-02: Set aside time to do nothing at all.:

Sadly, I own none of these cozy little nooks (or their photos!). I’m just a daydreamer who scrolls through Pinterest like the rest of the world! 🙂

“Me Time” at 3am

Image result for time as a mom comic

Finding “me time” is tough most days. I am either at work, with Isaac, or spending time with Ethan. My only “alone time” of the day is generally driving to and from work to Isaac’s daycare. Sometimes that 15 minutes just doesn’t suffice.

As the “grandma” that my husband lovingly refers to me as, I followed suit last night and went to bed at 6:45. Yowza. I could give you all of the excuses in the world – pregnancy, long day, etc –  but the reality is 6:45 is just too darn early to go to bed. I learned that lesson this morning when I woke up ready to conquer the day… at 3am.

After failing to convince my body to go back to sleep, I decided to run with it. Dark, quiet house, all to myself (as long as I’m quiet)? I’ll take it!

I made myself a snack and didn’t have to share it with an adorable little human who is constantly stealing my food.

I laid on the couch and put on a TV show that didn’t involve any nursery rhymes.

I watched the entire show while wrapped up in a blanket without getting up a single time. Said show: This is Us – I’m already in love!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time scrolling through instagram and facebook, soaking in the quiet, and just being “me” for a bit.

Even though I am tired (I’ve already been up for 5+ hours!), my soul feels refreshed. Sometimes you need a good dose of time to yourself without being a wife or mom – just being a girl eating cookies at 3am.