What Happens When You Quit Social Media

For Lent this year, I gave up facebook and instagram. When I first told E that I was planning to do this, he laughed and commented that was quite a lofty goal. He was right. I wasted a LOT of time mindlessly scrolling. Social media became a place of comparison and a facade for true… Continue reading What Happens When You Quit Social Media


Having a Gypsy Soul

Here's yet another post about "the grass being greener" elsewhere... avert your eyes if need be. I have had the heart of a wanderer for as long as I can remember. I have consistently kept journals since the fifth grade, and it is laughable how many places (ie ideas of places) I fell in love… Continue reading Having a Gypsy Soul


Coffee & Banana Bread

Awwww. A fresh pot of coffee brewing and a big 'ol loaf of banana bread rising in the oven. Glorious. Can you just IMAGINE the ambiance - a snowy January day, wrapped in my coziest sweater, and the coffee warming every bone in my body after enjoying some time in the snow with my littles.… Continue reading Coffee & Banana Bread


New Beginnings

I love all things seasonal. Every holiday, tradition, full moon has a place in my heart because it marks the passage of time. I love thinking back about where I was on this day years ago and where I will be years from now. There is so much hope and insight in the passage of… Continue reading New Beginnings


2018: The Year of Reading

Since having kids, I have really dropped the ball on my love of reading. I've probably read 3 books from start to finish, and part of 10 other books! Yikes. As an English teacher (and general bookworm), this breaks my heart! SO, I'm bringing reading back (Cue: Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" - You're Welcome). I'm… Continue reading 2018: The Year of Reading


Closing the Books on 2017

Welp... it looks like I have neglected this little blog yet again. At least I'm consistently neglecting it? 😉 The past few months have been unbelievably busy and unbelievably blessed. My kiddos still manage to put a smile on my face every single day, and they are growing SO fast. My hubby is still working… Continue reading Closing the Books on 2017


Fuzzy Socks and Cloudy Mornings

Ooooh, blogging world. It's been awhile. Life got a little crazy on us over here, which led me to spend most of my "me time" sleeping or binge watching "Stranger Things". But here we are in NOVEMBER with all of the holidays right around the corner, and I am giddy with excitement. Last year, the… Continue reading Fuzzy Socks and Cloudy Mornings