FALLing into Love

I am currently writing to the soundtrack of an epic thunderstorm โค Love me some rain! Despite it only being (not even) mid-August, Halloween and fall gear is EVERYWHERE. I’m not complaining – I love autumn, but it is still in the hundreds here (boo!). SO, below you will find pictures of what I wish was going on here in Arizona – even if it is a little premature! I’m sharing some of my dream autumn decor (and treats!) compliments of pinterest and google images. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have this art print on display in our kitchen! | Sweet cider, cozy blankets, perfect pumpkins, crunching leaves, sparkling fires, cool days and warm nights โ€“ we love you, fall!

A very sincere-looking pumpkin patch - Linus take note.

C'est une belle petite rue sous un "ciel" orange de feuilles automnales. J'adore cette photo, car รงa me rend calme et contente.   : )

Apple Scones with Apple Cider Cinnamon Glaze from @somethewiser

Backyard Decoration
Halloween Yard Decoration or could be Christmas decorations

Collection of 20 Fall Decorating Ideas

Autumn Apple Sangria - the perfect fall cocktail, and great for fall parties, birthday parties, and more.
cozy fox slippers, coffee/tea, a book, autumn leaves, and a candle = perfect evening

These Baked Apple Donuts with Maple Glaze are seriously the best baked donuts ever! Moist, apple-spiced flavor dipped in the tastiest maple glaze known to man. And only 196 calories per donut!

Could care less about the recipe, love the pic!



Livin’ on a Prayer (and a boatload of coffee)

Guys, it has been a ridiculous week! The kids and I are all sick, my hubby had a weird work week, and everyone is just in a weird post-vacation funk.

I am SO thankful that we made it to Friday (even though E works tomorrow morning ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) AND that it is currently monsooning outside. โค Rain gives me a sense of renewal and life that I love.

Here’s a little recap on our California adventure last week –

  • Isaac decided to climb out of his pack n play the first night of vacation, which led to very little sleep and a ton of fussing at bedtime! We were both happy to come home and have the security of a crib again!
  • I got to have some serious sister time (adult beverages and all – gasp!). It is so good getting to know her as an adult. Being five years apart it’s hard for me to see her as anything other than my little sister, but she’s all grown up now! Sadly, I don’t think we will ever live close to each other so the time last week was precious.
  • We went boating, swimming, and basically all things water. It was glorious (even though Isaac developed a strange fear of leaves in the water!).
  • I got to watch my parents be grandparents (my dad crawling around the floor with a blanket on his head might be one of my favorite memories) and my sister be an aunt (even during a HORRIBLE blowout in the Kmart parking lot – she was a rockstar!).
  • Driving home by myself with two kids 2 and under was… not easy. Isaac was quite sick at that point, so he was extremely unhappy about being confined. I may have developed permenant road rage from the trip – driving with a screaming toddler for hours through the desert is not something I would wish on anyone.
    You could say we had a Beary good time ๐Ÿปโค๏ธ

A day in The Village with the kidlets! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

First time swinging with this cutie! ๐Ÿ˜


Mom Guilt with a Side of Donuts

I ran into a mom friend of mine today, and it was obvious that she’s had a rough week. Dark circles under her eyes, a crying kid in her grocery cart, and another kid munching on donuts. She went on to tell me what her week was like – doctor’s appointments, teething, and tantrums. Then she added,

“I just needed out of the house today. I need a break – I know that makes me a bad mom.

As soon as the words slipped out of her mouth, I could tell she regretted it. That is something that we often say in the safety of our mind – where we ridicule, judge, and criticize ourselves worse than anyone else can.

That short conversation has haunted me all day because:

  1. It is the furthest thing from the truth. She’s an excellent mom.
  2. It is a phrase that I have said to myself a million times.

I recently started going to the gym, and I am debating whether or not I should get a membership. The gym has childcare and both of my kiddos have done really well the few times I’ve gone. However, I am struck with guilt when I’m there. How dare I leave my kids with strangers so that I can work out? I couldn’t possibly take a class – that would be ditching them for an HOUR – I know that makes me a bad mom.

BUT it doesn’t. Needing alone time is NECESSARY and NORMAL. Motherhood is a 24/7 gig, and in order to keep your sanity you have to do thing for yourself! You can only give so much before you’re totally drained, and a drained mom is not the type of mom you want to be.

So, take the hour-long yoga class, join the gym, go to the store and let your kids eat donuts just so you can get out of the house. NONE of that makes you a bad mom, just a human muddling through the hardest (most fulfilling, most frustrating, most amazing) job in the world.

My blue-eyed girl!! We've been laying low and enjoying a chill family day - thankful for a day with no plans!

Riding in style at the grocery store! Isaac is a fan of any place that gives him free snacks! #thanksfrys #thathairtho
Apparently, my hubby has a secret stash of photos that I didn't know about. This picture is far from glamorous, but it's a candid picture of motherhood. This was when Julia was only a few weeks old and that first month was HARD. She no longer needs to be held 24/7 or wakes me up every hour of the night. Now she's perfectly content jumping in her bouncer or scooting around. She still wakes up way too much at night, but I'm used to it now. Motherhood is the toughest thing I've ever done, but also the most beautiful. So thankful for my babies and shocked by how quickly they grow.

Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Dreaming Again

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a virtual vacation, so a Thursday naptime seems like the perfect time!

I have a big ‘ol bowl of popcorn and a Capri Sun (living that fancy mom life!). ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today, we will be touring the Carolinas – both North & South. I cannot wait to call this area HOME.

(This tour is brought to you by pinterest! aka I own NONE of these photos!)

This is For You

I am tired of the mommy wars – the comparisons – the constant one-upping.

I’m tired of the “they can’t have/do/play” mentality.

I am tired of the “everything is bad” theory.

I am tired of feeling judged CONSTANTLY.

If you have endured the eye rolls, the finger shaking, the lectures from strangers like I have, then this is for YOU.

To the mom who bought her kids donuts, a little sugar won’t hurt.

To the mom who threw a birthday party on a budget, your kid didn’t even notice.

To the mom who yelled at her kids, you’re only human.

To the mom whose kids are always a mess, that means they’re having fun.

To the mom who doesn’t buy organic, your kids will be just fine.

Kids are resilient. Kids are a handful. Kids are an unbelievable blessing.

Your only job is to love on them and cherish them. Ignore the rules that society deems worthy. They aren’t.

So enjoy Popsicles with red dye 40, have puddle-jumping contests (regardless of the shirt you’re wearing), give your kids their favorite snacks, and LOVE on them no matter what.

At the end of the day, time slips by quickly. You won’t remember how healthy they ate, how pristine their clothes looked at the mall, or how you lived in a “plastic-free home”. You’ll remember the summer day you got soaked to the bone while jumping in puddles during a rainstorm. You’ll remember sticky Popsicle kisses. You’ll remember the weekly donut picnics. You’ll remember the people who sang and laughed with you at birthday parties.


What a celebration! He's not quite two yet, but we had fun partying this morning! Thanks for all who came - he had a blast!

Happy Friday from our happy little Julia! So glad we were blessed with this little love to complete our family! Expect lots of pictures this weekend - we've got a 2ND birthday party and my family coming out!!


When Motherhood is Hard

This week I questioned my ability to be a mother – more than once.

Nothing really prepares you for motherhood. Unfortunately, there are no manuals even though my bookshelf is filled with about a dozen books that claim to be.

Motherhood is a big burden at times.

What if my kids turn out to be horrible adults?

What if I don’t prepare them properly for what’s to come?

What if I’m terrified to transition them to a real bed and I keep them in a crib forever? ๐Ÿ˜‰

But really, there’s a lot of pressure. Make sure they eat healthy. Make sure they do amazing crafts that boost creativity. Make sure they play outside. Make sure they learn a million languages so one day they can go to college. The list goes on..

Instead of getting wrapped up in the tough moments this week (OK, I did allow myself a little cry sesh), I am trusting the following:

Image result for god gave these kids to you

Sometimes I wonder why. The planner in me wants a manual. But the believer in me knows that this is true. This is God’s plan. Those babies (even in the midst of tantrums and bad behavior) are mine to love on, hold, snuggle, discipline, teach, and share this life with. That makes it all worth it.

This boy has been such a love bug lately. Today he ran up to a random little boy at the park and gave him a hug out of the blue! #momlife #motherhood #toddler #candidchildhood #sahm #slowliving #livesimply #kidsofinstagram

Sunday snuggles with this cutie!

It's been a good week with these two goobers. Isaac has been a little chatter box (we're working on colors!) and Julia started smiling at us for real (no more gas-related grins!). Looking forward to a fun family weekend! #motherhood #momlifeisthebestlife #momlife #2under2 #candidchildhood #letthembelittle #slowliving #livesimply #brotherandsister #sahm

Freedom from Social Media

I’m a sensitive person (am I allowed to say that?). I never watch the news because the stories will stick with me and haunt me. I struggle with nightmares. I have to be really careful about what I watch or read. My mama heart is sensitive.

Lately, I have been MAJORLY overdoing it with social media. I find myself constantly checking my Instagram. My phone is always buzzing with facebook notifications. Most of social media is nothingness – photos, silly statuses, etc. But over the past few days there have been articles, stories, and photos that have haunted me. Stories about human trafficking, articles about 6-month-olds being beaten to death, and photos of car accidents.

Maybe it’sย  because I have a little one (and spend nights nursing her with nothing but my thoughts) or I’m just sensitive, but I just can’t.

I deleted social media from my phone today *gasp* and this is what happened:

  • I sat on the patio with my kids.
  • I watched the sun set while rocking my daughter to sleep and watching my son play with his cars.
  • I made a delicious dinner.
  • I wrote in my journal.
  • I misplaced my phone – and didn’t notice for over an hour.

It is time for the real world – being present – and avoiding the pain that can come from social media and constantly being in the know.

Here’s to time with family, time to unwind, and time to unplug. โค

My hubby and I were talking this weekend about how we need to stop

My little nature lover - running through the stream shoes and all!

Taking a break from my spring cleaning / purging goals for this month and drinking some iced coffee in this gorgeous weather! Literally found a box today filled with random cords, electric bills from 3 moves ago, and an old science binder from high school! Needless to say, I have a BIG pile leaving our home today!! #minimalism #minimalistic #springcleaning #motherhood #momlifeisthebestlife #momlife #sahm #coffee #2under2 #slowliving #livesimply #liveauthentic
Big smiles after church. #motherhood #momlifeisthebestlife #momlife #2under2 #family #sundayfunday #slowliving #livesimply #candidchildhood #desert #arizona